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“I was afraid I would never be able to take my dog & people aggressive male Shepherd anywhere. He would bark & lunge at everyone & everything – especially any dog. After a few lessons working w/ Bryan he is so much better. I look forward to taking him places. We still have 4 lessons to go. I can not wait to see how much better he will get. He comes when I call, loves to place & is a pleasure to walk with. Highly recommend I will bring my other Shepherd next” –Genbook Review

Basic Obedience Package: This package will teach your pup to understand and respond to the basic commands all pups should know, off leash with distractions. Like I always say “Our methods train obedience not tricks, if your dog can not hold and perform the commands under distraction they are just performing tricks.” We will not only train your pup to be a well behaved member of society, we also train you to better understand your pup. 

  • Come, Sit, and Extended Sit
  • Break – Your pup will “stay” in the last command until it hears this release word.
  • Down and Extended Down
  • Place and Extended Place – They will sit on a specific location that you point to (chair, park bench, etc) and stay there until released.
  • Heel – They will walk right beside of you on a leash or off. No more pulling!
  • Off – Command for all unwanted behavior such as jumping, mouthing, counter-surfing, talking back, etc.
  • Additional – As you are working through our obedience, we will also be working on the specific issues you may be facing.

*Includes 4 private, 1-hour lessons, 15ft training lead, and Off Leash K9 Training E-collar for $600 (or 3 monthly payments of $200).
**Extended sit, down, and place means your dog will REMAIN in the down, sit, or place position until YOU tell them to “break” (release them).
***For dogs under 5 months old please see Puppy Consultation below.
****Lessons will be scheduled at least a week apart and be prepared to practice daily for at least 30 minutes.

“I HIGHLY recommend having your dog trained with Off Leash K9 Atlanta. Kiko was a great dog before but now she’s amazing!! No more pulling on the leash and she has more confidence. I also have peace of mind that she will come when I say so and mind my commands. Sooo happy with the knowledge and professionalism at this company.” –Facebook User

Note: For every friend you refer to OLK9 Georgia, we’ll give you a FREE Advanced Lesson or a $50 Gift Card!!

dogBasic and Advanced Obedience Package: This package is for those who really want their dog to be rock-stars! This package includes everything listed in the basic teachings, as well as extended distance work (dog is a few hundred yards away – you say sit or down and the dog knows to stop what it is doing and drops into a sit or down) and 3 additional commands of your choice: 

  • Extended Distance Sit (Sit from a distance) 1st advanced lesson
  • Extended Distance Down (Down from a distance) 1st advanced lesson
  • Come to Heel (come around your right leg and sit in the Heel position at your left leg)
  • Watch (maintain eye contact with you until released)
  • Through (come around your right leg and sit between your legs)
  • Stand (assume a standing position)
  • Front (come and sit directly in front of you, facing you)
  • Touch (stand up against something you point to)
  • You Tell Me (if you have a particular command you want to do just ask:-)

*Includes 8 private, 1-hour lessons, 15ft training lead, and Off Leash K9 Training E-collar for $900 (or 3 monthly payments of $300).
**You can add the 4 Advanced Lessons to the basic package later for $350.
***For dogs under 5 months old please see Puppy Consultation below.
****Lessons will be scheduled at least a week apart and be prepared to practice daily for at least 30 minutes.

“I strongly recommend off leash training for any dog owner. They trained my pit bull puppy Jax and the results are amazing! He is a rockstar after their tutelage! He will heel right against my leg, holds down with distractions like a boss, has perfect door manners, but most of all when I speak he is always responsive and that, my friends, is priceless! A warm and heartfelt thank you goes out to these amazing trainers and their hard work. I hope all my fellow dog owners can experience a deeper bond with their pet after the help of Off Leash K9 Training!” –Facebook User

2-Week Board & Train Program: This intense program is like boarding school for your dog with a focuses on practical, everyday obedience that is completed with a high level of precision, outside, off-leash, with distractions! You send us your dog for 2 weeks and in that 2 week period, they learn everything mentioned in the basic obedience package as well as extended distance and come to heel or through. This program provides a little bit of everything, including manners and socialization (dogs and people), at the end of the 2 weeks, they are fully off leash and fully obedient. After completion of the training, you will be provided with a 2 hour one-on-one session which will detail everything your companion does, how to handle them, and how to properly control them. 

  • Sit, Extended Sit, Distance Sit (Dog remains in position until released)
  • Down, Extended Down, and Distance Down
  • Loose Leash and Off-Leash Heeling
  • Come on command (outside, off-leash, with distractions)
  • Greeting Manners (not jumping)
  • Waiting politely at doors and gates (wait when they are opened until you release them)
  • Waiting politely for meals (wait until they are released)
  • Training and Socialization with distractions (dogs and people)
  • Place and Extended Place (jump up and sit on any object you point to on command and stay there until released)
  • Come to Heel Command (off-leash, will come around the right side of your body and sit down right beside of your left leg)

*****This intensive program includes 2 week board, 40-50 hours of training, Off Leash K9 Training E-collar, unlimited FREE follow-ups for the life of your pup for $2800 (or 4 monthly payments of $700).
*For dogs under 5 months old please see Puppy  Consultation below.


But wait… How do you fix behavioral problems? We target the issues you are having while working through our obedience program. In our opinion, behavior cannot be modified without having complete trust and control of your dog. Behavioral modification and obedience go hand in hand. As you are working through our program, we will also be working on the specific issues you may be facing with your dog.

Agility Training (Smyrna Facility Only):
dog_agility_feat.jpg.560x0_q80_crop-smartAgility Training gives dogs a tremendous amount of confidence and helps provide the kind of exercise that actually improves any breeds behavior! It is a great way to mentally and physical stimulate your pup at the same time. “Have you ever taken your dog for a long run, only to bring him home and find that he’s actually more hyper and crazy than when you started? That’s because exercise is good for your pups body, but it does nothing to exercise their brain.” Agility provides the perfect combination of physical exercise and mental stimulation to keep your pup entertained and out of trouble. In addition it increases the bond between you and your dog while enhancing your dog’s strength, flexibility, coordination, and confidence.
*Agility Training Pricing and Info!

Bring Off Leash K9 Training To You With In Home Training: Due to popular demand, we will now provide our world class training in or around your home! Now you have the option of working your dog in a distracting environment that is convenient for you.

Basic Obedience Package In Home (4 Private Lessons: $800 (or 3 monthly payments of $266.66)).
Basic/Advanced Obedience Package In Home (8 Private Lessons: $1400 (or 3 monthly payments of $466.66))
Puppy Consultation In Home (1 Private, 1-hour Consultation: $100)

*Call or Email to see if this service is offered in your area.

puttyDog Reactive (Aggression) Desensitization Package: Does your dog have issues with dog aggression, dog reactivity, or simply go over the top when it comes to other dogs being around? If so, this is a specially designed program may be the best option for you and your dog. This 8 private lesson program, which consists of our basic obedience package which will give you a solid foundation of control over your dog, just like the dogs you see in our 450+ videos on our YouTube Channel. Then, we spend the next 4 lessons working you and your dog around other dogs in different scenarios, commands, and situations. Giving your dog (and you) the skills, tools, obedience, and desensitization that is necessary in order to put you back in control of these situations.

*Includes 8 private, 1-hour lessons, 15ft training lead, and Off Leash K9 Training E-collar for $900 (or 3 monthly payments of $300).
**For dogs under 5 months old please see Puppy Consultation below.
***Lessons will be scheduled at least a week apart and be prepared to practice daily for at least 30 minutes.

Therapy Dog Development Course: Is your goal to have your dog become a therapy dog? This specially designed 8-lesson course prepares you and your dog for their therapy dog testing and certification, through basic obedience and scenario-based lessons. We have had many of our former clients easily pass their therapy dog certification after our training program. With successful completion of this program, we can evaluate and certify you and your dog through Therapy Pets Unlimited. 

*Includes 8 private, 1-hour lessons,15ft training lead, and Off Leash K9 Training E-collar for $900 (or 3 monthly payments of $300).
**For dogs under 5 months old please see Puppy Consultation below.
***Lessons will be scheduled at least a week apart and be prepared to practice daily for at least 30 minutes.

puppyPuppy Consultation: This is the perfect way to start your pup off on the right paw! Using reward-based training, we’ll show you how to mold your puppy’s behaviors while learning basic commands, building confidence, and socializing. We’ll give you an introduction to teaching him/her sit, stay, down, place and off. We will provide information and advice on reinforcing good behavior, house-breaking, and crate training. We will also answer any questions you have about your new pup or its training. 

*Includes 1 private, 1-hour consultation for $100.
**Puppies must have their full round of puppy vaccines prior to starting these class. This package is for puppies under 5 months.

“Thanks to Off Leash, we fell in love with our dog again! She’s so much better behaved and we have the confidence and technique to continue the training at home. We can’t thank you enough!” –Facebook Review

Email us with any and all questions you have concerning our training packages!
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Therapy Dog Certification: We are certified Therapy Pets Unlimited evaluators! Istherapy dogs your goal to make your dog a certified therapy dog? We would recommend our Therapy Dog Development Course. This is our 8 private lesson course which includes the 4 basic obedience lessons followed by 4 lessons specifically tailored to you and your dog passing the Therapy Dog Certification. At the conclusion of this course, we can test you and your dog for certification. Upon passing the Therapy Pets Unlimited test, you and your dog will be awarded the Therapy Pets Unlimited certification and ID.

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We are AKC Canine Good Citizen and AKC Community Canine evaluators! This is a certification program that is designed to reward dogs who have good manners at home and in the community. The Canine Good Citizen Program is a two-part program that stresses responsible pet ownership for owners and basic good manners for dogs. All dogs who pass the 10-step CGC test may receive a very nice certificate from the American Kennel Club. You and your dog will practice the CGC exercises: Accepting a friendly stranger, Sitting politely for petting, Appearance & grooming, Out for a walk (loose leash walking), Walking through a crowd, Sit and down on command and Staying in place, Coming when called, Reaction to another dog, Reaction to distraction and Supervised separation. Check our Facebook page for local CGC test and practice test events held quarterly:  We don’t charge a fee for these evaluations, but we do request a small donation to a designated rescue/shelter at the time of the official evaluation. We can evaluate your dog or help you get your dog ready for this evaluation through training.