4 Reasons to Crate Train

There seems to be this stigma lately about crating your dog… I have heard everything from it is cruel to I don’t think they are getting any exercise. These are always followed by why can’t I get them potty trained or they keep destroying something.

In reality crate training is one of the best things you can originally do for your pup. It does not matter if it is a new puppy or an older pup you just adopted.

The 4 following reasons are the top reasons why, and again they all apply to pups (dogs) no matter the age:

1. Safety- Your dogs safety should be your number one priority. We all have that story of something crazy our pup has eaten in their lifetime and are all amazed that it did not kill them. Well there are plenty of dogs that do get into things that do kill or at least hurt them and cost owners tons of money to save them. Be smart and prevent bad things from happening in the first place.

2. Potty Training- Crate training is by far the easiest and fastest way to potty train a puppy or older dog that never got to learn as a pup or has recently been in a kennel at the pound for too long. Again there is no faster or easier way! The faster your pup is potty trained the happier everyone will be.

3. Protection- This applies to your stuff. I have had clients tell me their dog destroyed mattress, couches, and carpeting that cost thousands of dollars. The real unfortunate part is I see people get rid of new dogs due to this easily prevented occurrence. If you are rich enough not to care about thousands of dollars then this one does not apply to you:-)

4. Exercise- This is the NUMBER 1 reason clients tell me they don’t want to crate their pups. They feel if crated while they are gone there dog is not getting any exercise! Even if you have a dog door (like me) and multiple dogs (like me) they don’t do much while you are gone, except get into trouble. I personally have 3 dogs and a dog door. I have also recorded what they do when I leave for 8 hours. Now if sleeping in my bed for 4 hours then moving to the couch for another 4 is exercise then I agree with you:-)

Now crates should never be used as punishment. In the end proper crate training will lead to the crate being that safe place the pup wants to go just to get away. A good example is the last BBQ I had. About 20 people and a few extra pups were over for a good 6-7 hours. After people started leaving I could not find my oldest, come to find him sleeping in a crate that had been left open in the spare bedroom. This spoiled boy had not been in a crate in a good 5 years:-) He just got tired and needed to get away.

Rarely will pups end up staying in a crate for life but for their safety and your sanity while they adjust to their new environment it is a really good idea.

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